Tim Skelton

Beer & Travel Writer


Born in the UK, Tim has been travelling the world since 1980, spending more than five years on the road and visiting over 80 countries across six continents.

He grew up in Brighton, England, and has been based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands since 1989.


Tim is the author of three books: two about Dutch beer and a travel guide to Luxembourg. He has also contributed to other beer and travel guides, and has written features for dozens of magazines and websites.



    1. He knows nothing about motorbikes*
    2. He does not run the reptile house at Bristol Zoo*
    3. He did not write about Lutyens and the Great War*
    4. He is not responsible for Snorri Goes to York and Other Stories*
    5. He visits more breweries and pubs than most people – it’s research, honest!
    6. After many years living in the Netherlands he is now Dutch
    7. He is proud of his adopted home city Eindhoven
    8. But he has supported Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club for more than 50 years
    9. He does not sell printer products
    10. His ambition is to visit 100+ countries – only 15 to go!
    11.  * If you are visiting for any of these reasons, you are looking for one of the other Tim Skeltons
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  • Beschermheer Nederlands speciaalbier (Guardian of Dutch craft beer), 2018
  • British Guild of Beer Writers 2014
  • Nominated for Gouden PINT, 2014
  • Writers Bureau 20th Anniversary Award, 2009
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    Beer in the Netherlands 2 small
    Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers 2nd edition
    Bradt Luxembourg edition 4

    Fully revised Beer in the Netherlands 2nd edition (2020). The complete guide to Dutch beer, featuring 700 brewing companies, thousands of beers and 550+ cafés.

    Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers 2nd edition (2015). A tour of the Dutch capital’s best bars with a different recommended beer for each one.

    Now in its 4th edition. The only comprehensive and opinionated English-language guide to focus exclusively on this gem of a destination.

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    Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers 2012

    Beer in the Netherlands 1st edition (2014) with 2016 supplement.

    One for the collectors – the original 1st edition of Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers (2010).

    One for the collectors – the 1st edition of Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers, reprinted with updates (2012).


    Fodor’s Travel Guides to:
    • Amsterdam & the Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • Essential Europe
    The Netherlands and Luxembourg chapters for Pocket Beer Book (Tim Webb & Stephen Beaumont, Mitchell Beazley 2014, 2015, 2017)

    Co-editor of Around Berlin in 80 Beers (Peter Sutcliffe, Cogan & Mater).

    Editor of Write-up! – a teachers’ guide to creative writing for young children, good for home-schooling parents too

    What People Say…about Tim's books

    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    "Have you ever wondered how I became such a fan of Dutch craft beer and the Netherlands? Well, one reason has been the books written by Tim Skelton and the friendship that we have made”
    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    “Tim Skelton’s beer guide to Dutch breweries and bars is all you need to find your way in the Dutch beer landscape. [...] I cannot think of a better or more credible source for anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Beer in The Netherlands”
    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    “Seriously, Tim Skelton has outdone himself with this guide, almost 100 pages longer than the first edition and positively packed with info. If you plan on being in the Netherlands in 2020 or even 2021, you need this book”
    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    "Compliment voor het werk van Tim en Amanda. Met deze Engelstalige en uitgebreide wegwijzer in de hand zullen niet alleen veel buitenlandse bierliefhebbers, maar ook Nederlandse liefhebbers het bierlandschap ontdekken, waarderen en zich laten inspireren”
    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    “Tim Skelton packs the book with fascinating tit-bits. [...] The guide is a delight, brilliantly researched and written with wit and wisdom”
    Roger Protz
    Roger Protz
    Beer Guru
    Beer in the Netherlands 2

    "Beer In The Netherlands 2 is een rijke informatiebron voor iedereen die wil weten waar er in Nederland iets te beleven valt op biergebied. Niet alleen voor de (bier)toerist, maar ook voor de locals: de aanschaf is voor iedere bierliefhebber zonder meer de moeite waard. Want hoeveel je ook denkt te weten van dat Hollandse biergebied, je gaat geheid nieuwe plekken ontdekken met behulp van dit boek.”
    Travel Guide Luxembourg

    “The secret of a good travel story is that it makes you want to book your ticket right now. That was my response after reading Tim Skelton’s Complete Guide to Luxembourg”
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    Simon Calder
    Travel Guru
    Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers

    “It was very helpful when I visited Amsterdam recently”
    “Excellent travel guide to getting the most out of cafe life in Amsterdam”
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